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With Chula, I did everything for her. Well, hubby did change his share of diapers. But it is the other things like feeding, bathing, entertaining, bed time routines etc. But with two kids and with the other commitments hubby and self have settled in to dividing and conquering. Every morning, he changes diapers, brushes their teeth and gives them a shower. On the days when I have to leave early for a class or a meeting, he feeds them breakfast, braids Chula hair and drops them off at school. A month back I was off for a language workshop and he had to take the girls to a baby shower. At the party, he did have the help of a couple whom, for all practical purposes are Godparents to the girls. But he got them ready all by his own – which by no means is slight task. He fed them, packed their diaper bag, gave them a shower, dressed them up in silk pavadais, braided Chula’s hair and even decked them with sandhu pottu(the Shringar liquid kumkums) that matched their dress! They looked so adorable.

Last Tuesday, I had a 9.30 meeting. I finished feeding the kids and was getting Mieja’s lunch ready. Hubby was giving Mieja a bath and I went in to the bathroom to hand over Mieja’s towel to hubby. There he was sitting on the tub holding a mug of water. Little Mieja was squatting in the bath tub, clutching the side of the tub, showing her baby soft, naked back to my hubby, with turmeric all over her face, a yellow rubber duckie in her hand. She was singing some random song, grinning and looking….oh so cute. Hubby and Mieja looked so happy and complacent – it is one of those moments that would stay plastered in my mind for quite some time. Something that when I recall, would put a smile on my lips and a little bit of guilt and jealously in my heart.