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This is kind of a ‘?????????? ?????????’ (blogs I enjoyed reading) post. Not that I didn’t like the other blogs I read……

Me thinks this rocks, so do others

Absolutely incomparable. Thanks Poppin’s mom, we all had a great time.

Blogs that got me thinking

TheMadMomma’s point is {BEGIN QUOTE}”Funny how children can retain the weirdest and most distorted memories, despite the effort we make.”{END QUOTE} It got me thinking how we as parents do things in the best interest of our children. Sometimes the children openly express their discontent, like mine did when I changed her car seat. But what if they jut go along with the change, only to retain it in their subconscious and let it surface sometime later? I have heard from friends who were middle children or had siblings who were middle children, complain that they never got any attention from their parents. Is it really true or is that the idea they formulated in their heads? As parents we already have this huge sword of guilt hanging above our heads. Even if no one else cuts the chord to that sword, we do it ourselves time and again and suffer because of it. What if the person who cuts the chord is the child himself/herself? Ouch, that’s got to hurt!

Hey I was thinking along the same lines!!
…but couldn’t have put it own so nicely.

Noon talks about gifts. After Mieja’s star birthday, calendar birthday, our trip to India, hubby’s visit to India for the his niece’s wedding, ‘just because’ gifts from close family friends, Mieja has about 38 new dresses between 18 months – 2 years of age. There is no way she is going to wear it. So after great deliberation, I decided to recycle some of those. The hesitation was because I knew that it is bound to snowball on me some time. Finally, decided to go for it because these were perfectly cute clothes and were definitely expensive than the dolalr value I had in my mind. Finally it so turned out that the people who had originally gifted it to me had written their name on the tag where they print the dress sizes. I found out through a friend that my stupidity had been exposed….arrrghhhh…one of those moments I will remember for eternity because it was thoroughly embarrassing.

A friend was once telling me, {BEGIN QUOTE} how we always get expensive gifts, even if it is out of our price range, for people who have to all and end up giving mediocre gifts to the less affluent. Ain’t the less affluent be getting the good stuff because they are the ones who need it badly? Some how the desire to get in to the good books of the affluent and expecting a gratitude of anything we throw at the not so rich is sickening.{END QUOTE}

I don’t know, the whole charade of gift giving is getting too loopy and meaningless now a days.

Tharini’s post on the day to day challenges that parents face. To discipline or not, if yes, how to? It inspired me to write a post on my own enlightenment.

Arty Crafty

Professional looking bookmarks from Gauri and her super talented kids. I am so jealous of the incredibly talented trio.

That’s soooo funny
Read it and laugh, at Boo’s expense of course! Only Boo can write such a witty post on how difficult it is to parent under ‘watchful eyes’!