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One of the courses I am taking this quarter is Child’s Ways Of Knowing and Thinking. Yes, I can interpret why a child is behaving in the way he/she does. So far the joke is on students like us trying to break the psyche of the young child. Out there millions of children are laughing their pants off saying, ‘Yeah, now you can use technical jargon to describe the basis of our behavior. So???? You still can’t do anything about it.’

Anyways, I am digressing. There is this wonderful book called Piaget Primer, that describes using simple cartoon from Peanuts, excerpts from classics like Winnie The Pooh, Phantom Toll Booth, Alice In Wonderland and The Little Prince to describe the way the child thinks. A wonderful book, so if any of you get a chance, do thumb through it.

The book had a piece about classification and this was the cartoon that accompanied it. Had me in splits.


And this piece describes what is happening at home.


And the other day, I picked up Chula from school, she said she drew a picture of me and handed me this. ‘This is you amma. I draw you’ she said with a big smile and gleaming teeth. Presenting me ta-da…..


Never mind if the picture says George Washington :)