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(Part 3 of 3 follows)I got to be frank. When I said part three would follow, I seriously had something running at the back of my mind. What that something is I am desperately trying to summon from the notes I made, but I am failing miserably. I simply do not have it in me. I can either wait for inspiration to strike and let the blog gather dust or fess up and get it over with. So some random blah that I am hoping would tie up loose ends.

2.5 years back I did a post on preschools and the popular streams. Back then I was looking for preschools for Chula. Reading that post again, I am surprised that I wouldn’t change much of what I had written. Except that I would correct my thoughts on child centered learning. A child centered method fits for all children, provided, yes there is a disclaimer, provided the teacher is a well experienced guide. We are talking about ‘THE TEACHER’ when we say teacher. Also I had mentioned that Chula would fit better in an academically oriented program. After her spending two years in this Montessori she is currently attending, I cannot say how wrong I was in my older post. I chose this Montessori purely based on gut and looks like I chose wisely.

I also found this in my archives regarding the basics of children learning and found it very appropriate.

I have witnessed both topic based random knowledge dispersion as well as cumulative acquisition of knowledge where everything is interconnected and grows from the partnership between the student and the teacher. I thoroughly endorse the latter style, especially for the first six years I believe in on going learning without borders.

But if any one has any specific questions, do ping me.

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