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We all would have colored, painted, made some kind of art as a kid. Many of us do it even now. So dip in to your memory bank or your current experiences and answer some questions.

There are just 10 questions. and you can choose to be anon. So don’t be intimidated. 9 questions are about you and the last question is for me. Indulge me please. Pretty please with a cherry on top ???

You will see only one question at a time. I have provided some answers. For folks who want to tell more there is a text area. After you answer click on next. Please make sure you answer all 10 questions.

Survey will be open till Jan 18, 4.00PM PST.

Get…Set…Go :)

Remember Fevicol? It is the Indian equivalent to Elmers. I was first introduced to it when I was 10-ish. I even loved the way it smelled. I remember squeezing a blob of Fevicol on the tip of my index finger, gently squishing the blob with my thumb, slowly moving my thumb to see the string that hangs between my finger tips, then half-heartedly use it for the intended purpose. Afterwards I used let the Fevicol dry on my finger tip and peel it off from my finger tip very slowly.

Markers!!! I loved them, especially because they were a luxury in my house. I used to fill a shape slowly, from left to right, top to bottom, each stroke overlapping the other stroke. Same way, if there is a white board to be erased, you have to fight me for it.

Pencils and sharpeners J Did you ever have competition with your friends for making the longest wood shaving from your pencil? Do you remember sharpening the pencil so very slowly and carefully and watch each millimeter of the shaving emerge from the sharp blade?

Candle!! Wax!! With all the power cuts in India, one has to have some experience with the candle lit evenings. Have you watched the wax melt slowly but steadily as the candle burns? Have you moved the candle around so that pools of hot wax spills out? Have you let the wax cool just enough so that there is a thin membrane of wax with warm wax underneath it? And after that have you played with the membrane and experience the semi-solidified wax moving underneath your finger tips? Later have you poked the thin membrane to get some not-so-hot wax on your fingertips and slowly peel it off after the wax cooled?

I like to rip newspaper. Even junk mail and old bills. It is a great stress reliever for me.  

Imagine a small tub of thick red paint. Imagine you dropping a blob of blue or green in it. Imagine running your brush through the blob, very slowly. The paint is swirling around making a beautiful pattern.

While showering, have you seen the soap make a film? All colors dancing, forming a rainbow. Have you ever so slowly popped it?

Chapathi dough! On chapathi days, I used to plead with my mom for a small dough ball. I used to roll it, squish it, poked my finger through it…Some times I would eat the raw dough or make some obscure shape with it and ask my mother at least 1000 questions on how the dough would look when it is dry? how to dry it etc.

Have you made markings with color pencils/color chalk on different surfaces? Then soaked the color chalk/color pencil and tried making markings on different surfaces trying to see the difference between the different surfaces, wet chalk/dry chalk/wet pencil/dry pencil?

So this last question is about you.


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All posts from this series.

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