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This survey is closed. I will sort through the answers and will get back to you all with the results. Once again thanks for making the time to do this. (updated Feb28th, Sunday)

This is sparked by the home language discussion and second language learning that is currently buzzing around the blog-o-sphere.

*There are 9 questions.
* If you have any additional information that you would like to share, please use the comments section or send me an email at
* You can choose to be anonymous while participating in the poll.
* Poll will be open till Feb 28th, Sunday, 9.00PM.

How many languages, other than English, were you exposed to when you were growing up?
Please state the other language and your level of comfort in the language.

For example Language1 = Tamil, Level Of Comfort = Read, write, talk, understand....
Please indicate the same for additional languages.

Could you tell the same(as in question 3) about your spouse?

At home, while communicating to each other, what language do you and your spouse use?
If you have children, what language do you and your spouse use to talk to your children?

Example, with Spouse = mostly Tamil, With kids = mostly English.

Do you have children ? If so how many?

What is the age range of the children?
Please indicate as follows: Child1 = five years, Child2 = 3 years......

What are the languages, other than english, are you children exposed to and are comfortable with?
(For example, Lang1 = English, read, write, talk, understand. Lang2 = Tamil, talk, understand. Lang3 = Spanish, understand…)

Are you of Indian descent living outside of India?

On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being the least and 10 being the most, how important is it for YOU that your children are fluent in a language other than English.

What are the steps you take to ensure the learning of another language?
Do you have a stringent, NO ENGLISH AT HOME policy?
Do you subscribe for TV channels that broadcast programs in the home language?
Do your children go for classes in the home language?
What kind of books, educational material do you use for home language learning?

Poll results here.

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