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This is a popular activity at home. I first saw this in FamilyFun Magazine at the pediatrician’s waiting room. This activity has sustained us through last year’s winter vacation.

1. Two weeks supply of newspaper, tape and  a pencil. Stack five sheets of newspaper. With the pencil at one corner start rolling the newspaper. When done, tape the end so that the tube does not open. Make several tubes.

2. These tubes are sturdy and can be used to construct pretty much anything. We took our design to the drawing board. I suggested something and the girls suggested the same thing and claimed that it was different from my thing. We agreed to disagree and started construction.

3. Just staple the ends of the paper tubes to construct.

4. It started as a tent. Of course during the process of construction, the architects changed the design and ended up looking like this.

Then it became a beauty salon. Thanks to Fancy Nancy. Introducing SHIVER ME TIMBERS HOUSE OF BEAUTY. I swear I had no part to play w.r.t the naming. Apparently the things in the beauty house are free. ‘If you like it, you can take it amma’ is what I was told. Mr.President one more business outfit for your stimulus package.

5. I reassured child 2 multiple times that the tent is strong. And what does she do? She climbs on it :(

So I cut the tips off and the tubes are ready for the next round of construction.

Try it and I bet you will love it.

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