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What do you do if you  lurve the feel, smell and flow of glue and if you happen to have a gallon size glue container at home? Glue batik…. and it was a HUGE hit, not just with the kids, I fell head over heels in love with it.

1)A piece of white cotton fabric. I happened to have about a yard of left over fabric that I trimmed to size for the girls.

2)Glue. Preferably in some easy squeeze bottles. I cleaned out the nozzle and mixed some water with the glue to make the squeezing process easy on the girls.

3)Squeeze the glue. Let it drip. Let it flow. Watch it fall. Have fun. When done, let fabric dry over night.

4)Acrylic paint, thinned down with lots of water. Paint over the fabric. Let fabric dry over night.

5)The next day soak the fabric in warm-hot water and scrub out the glue. Ta-da!!! Patterned cloth designed by your child. How amazing is that?

I cut the fabric to size, glued it to tetra-paks and made containers. These are hand made gifts boxes for the girls’ teachers.

I was so taken with the concept that I made some greeting cards with couple of styles of Ganesh.

This one is only half done, but I couldn’t wait to share this Ganesha in my favorite blue color. (Original inspiration here, isn’t it lovely?!)

PS: The activity started with Sruthi’s Aug glue challenge, but we quite didn’t make it before Aug 20.

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