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All the ruckus in the virtual world about one woman’s parenting style, made me think of the sitcoms I used to watch, the sitcom mommies and how they dealt with their kids.

Bewitched, Cheers, The Cosby show, Dharma and Greg, Family Matters, Frasier, Friends, Fresh prince of Bel-Air, Fullhouse, Family Matters The golden girls, I love Lucy, Matlock, Home Improvement, I dream of Jeannie, Seinfeld, Sister Sister….

These were my staple sitcoms during my pre-baby-non-career-woman days. Family Matters was the first sitcom I watched in the US. YaadaYaada having arrived in the US a year earlier than I, was my TV guide. She sang praises on the sitcom about the African American family, the doctor husband, the lawyer wife, their five children. She meant the Cosby Show. I channel surfed and ended up watching Family Matters. It took me a good three episodes to figure out that it was not the Cosby Show! But when I did watch the Cosby Show, the one person who captured my heart, the one and only Claire Huxtable. I knew I wanted to be a mother like her – loving, accommodating but no nonsense, poised and sensible. I am still working on poise people, but doing good over all, if I may say so myself.

So here is a fun survey. Choose from the list ( Claire Huxtable, Jill Taylor, Rosanne and Mrs.Beaver ) your favorite. It will be open till Jan 24, 4.00AM PST. Have a good one folks.

So what kind of mommy are you? ( Credit Wikipedia for character descriptions).



Edited to add: Reults of survey here.


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