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April 6th, edited to add clues.

Clue 1: Yes, the island is Alcatraz, which all of you figured out.

Clue 2: Think young adult, 9 – 12 years.

I have one last clue which is as good as giving the answer, so I will hold on to it till Friday 9.00AM PST.

April 7th, edited to add last clue, as promised.

Many of you have guessed the correct answer already.

Clue 3: Think Newbery Honor. I am trusting you guys not to google.

April 11th: Please find the results at the end of the post.


Here is the quiz for April 2011, yes, I am working towards a book quiz, first Monday of every month.

– Guess the complete TITLE and AUTHOR of this book.

– Quiz closes Friday, April 8th. 4.00PM PST.

– Results will be announced Monday, April 11th.

– Instead of picking the first person to respond with the right answer, I am doing a random number generation of the right answers to pick the winner.

– The prize is a book. I want to choose a book appropriate for you/your child. So will announce the title of the book after I announce the winner.

-Comment moderation is on.

– Clipart credit and

Your picture clue is

Added on April 11th, Results:

-Seven people got it right before the announced closing time. Hema, Sreela, sorry, you guys were right, but your answers did not make it in time. Sandhya, you did not have the author, but I made an exception, because this is a tough one.

-I inserted the names of the people with right answers in an excel file, ordered by the time they sent their reply.

-To choose one person randomly, I used a RANDBETWEEN function.

-The winner is entry number 6,  N.Chokkan. Please to get in touch with me through gmail( and we will discuss the prize.

-Thanks for playing folks.




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