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Anitha tagged me as The Versatile Blogger. Thank a bunch Anitha. The rules are, on accepting the tag, I must tell seven random things about myself. Since the kids are much more interesting, here are seven random things about Chula and Mieja. As for passing the tag, if you are reading this post, you are tagged.

Seven random dialogues in seven random scenarios with Mieja. You can come up with your own conclusion about her.
We watched Toystory-3 at home. Mieja is weird about movies. One sad note/night scene/loud sound scares her and she hides behind me and cries. I put her on my lap, coaxed her and finally pull her through the whole movie.
Me: See???? It wasn’t that scary. Isn’t it? What do you think of the movie?
Mieja: I hate it. All that the toys do are to get lost. They keep getting lost and lost and lost. This is not a happy movie.

I am explaining the concept of money, budget, buying out of need vs buying for the sake of buying etc.
Mieja: I know amma. Let us go to Target and buy some money. That way we will have lots of money and need not prioritize. We can buy anything that we want.

Mieja playing with her close friend. Friend is wearing Gap shoes. Mieja is clueless about name brands.
Friend: Mieja, look what I am wearing. Gap.
Mieja: <Frantically looking around her> Where?! Where is the gap?

I am taking Mieja to the doctor to finish her five year old vaccinations. This is the second visit in the last three weeks. She had two shots last week of March and is having the last two vaccines this appointment.
Mieja: <Lips quivering> But amma….. why do I even need shots? I don’t like shots.
Me: Shots are for your own good. It helps you to be healthy.
Mieja: That is not even true. I had two shots the last time. Right now I have a cold. If shots are supposed to keep me healthy and the germs away, they are not even working. So I will not come to the doctor. Ever, never, never, ever again. Never in my life.

Chula and Mieja playing ludo with my aunt.
Aunt: Don’t throw the dice like that. If it gets lost or broken, then we can’t play ludo.
Mieja: Its okay if the dice gets lost or broken. The dice any way gives us a random number between 1 and 6. So when it is my turn to roll the dice, I will tell a random number between 1 and 6 and move my coin. We can still play like that.

Mieja goes ‘walking’ with my aunt. In two seconds she places a request to be carried.
Aunt: Come on, we have come for a walk.
Mieja: Yes. But I don’t like walking and you like walking. So you carry me and walk, I will be carried and not walk.

Mieja and my aunt ‘walk’ to the local Target. Meija asks to be placed in the shopping cart.
Meija: Now…. I am looking for something. So follow my directions and push the cart.
<After multiple left, right, u-turn, stop, circle, left, right, slow, yields later…..>
Aunt: What is that you are looking for? My head is spinning.
Mieja: Okay, okay, okay. I want something, but I don’t know what it is. So let us look on the computer.
Aunt: How is that possible?
Mieja: Why not? That is what amma does. She looks online about things. So borrow a computer from Target and let us look online and find out what I want. May be we can ask Google and it will tell me what I want.
Aunt: ????

Seven things about Chula:

She C.A.N.N.O.T take it if she loses a board game. Friday nights are game nights. The idea is to spend time together as a family. So we make alterations and try to make the game cooperative. But on those rare occasions we play the real version and she loses, hell breaks loose.

She believes that the world is a happy place. She believes in fairies and magic.

“Amma, do you know that people and animals never die? Everything that dies comes back to the earth in one form or another.”

She is my litter police. The rare occasion, I throw something as inconspicuous as a strand of hair, she is on my case.

She is a people pleaser. She would try out things that she hates, just to please me.

She has a gift for music, rythm and languages.

She prefers a book over TV, friends, playing, tech toys etc.

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