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The older child is playing in her keyboard, a song she sings at school. As she attempts again and again to bring the song to tune, my interest is piqued as to the lyrics of the song.

I ask her about the song, she says that it is the ‘vowel’ song that they sing at school and sings it for me.

On the earth I love to stand, strength from stones I’ve taken,

Striding boldly o’er the land, fearless and unshaken. Aaaaaaaa…..

And in water’s silvery waves, gladly do I revel,

From the fishes I can learn, up and down to travel. Eeeeeeeeee……

Upward to the light I look, where the sun shines brightly,

And with rainbow colors clear, paints the flowers lightly. Iiiiiiiii…..

In the air I love to jump, Oh! that I were flying,

Like a bird with outspread wings, O’er the hilltops gliding. Uuuuuuu….

Gratefully your gifts I hold, in my heart’s deep shrine,

Earth and Water, Air and Light, brothers all of mine. Ooooooo………


What a befitting song to kick start CROCUS2011?!

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