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Yes. Great friendship = a bag of avacados.

Especially if

-bought all the way from San Jose

-to Chennai

-and carried to Hyderabad

-picking the rawest fruit, so that they ripen in the one week time it takes to reach Hyderabad

-all because I said that the one material thing I miss from San Jose are avocados and that I am craving for avocados.

Yaadayaada and her husband were in India for her cousin’s wedding, made time to visit me in Hyd (in her 18 day trip), with a bag of avocados. It was a total ‘Nanban-da!’ moment in classic Rajnikanth style.

We chatted, shopped, chilled, caught up, played, wined and dined. The kids were in cloud nine.

PS: Had them raw, as guacamole, in quesadilla, and finally paratha. Extra flavor due to love.