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So its been a week.

I have finished my parent information sessions and started two of my book clubs.

So far the response has been good.

The parent information session – HOW TO RAISE A READER? spoke mostly about the early literacy skills that we are targeting by reading. I had a good mix of veteran parents and first time mothers. Good thing I was affirmed  of is that I can talk, not a big surprise if you know me, but I can talk with substance for an hour and beyond. Now that can be a surprise for people who know me :)

The MYTHOLOGY book club, I have about 12 children. So we got talking about Shiva. One child asked me if Shiva’s moon is so small that it is smaller than the snake around his neck or if the snake is huge, as big as the moon. My reply was, ‘May be it is a huge snake. May be it is a small moon. But if the snake is so huge, how big do you thing Shiva is and do you think he will still fit on Kailash?’ Then we got started taking about the what does the moon mean? Is the moon just a moon or is it a message that means something? What do you think peeps, small moon or big snake?!

My BUTTERFLIES CLUB for 6 – 9 is the best :) They are at the age that they look at you with so much admiration when you talk. So the story, ONCE UPON A LIBRARY, something I made up and sketched out for 20 min, went on for 30 min! Hey, they were listening, so I added more voices, more modulation and more drama. Couldn’t help it. Chula is in this club and Meija suddenly became joined to her at the hip. So they both were there. I had to place them at diagonally opposite corners of the room, of course, cardinal rule of managing siblings. But Chula was this, ‘Yes, I have read that. If you read that, you would love…., You HAVEN’T read even this?!!!! How come this is the best book ever. Amma, tell them about …… book. We own this no? I read it 10 -15 times, even if it is for age 10+, no problem, I have read it.’ Poor thing was genuinely interested, but it could be a overdose for other people. So had to keep her on a leash.

The coming week, my MYTHOLOGY club and BUTTERFLIES are having Skype sessions with Anu Kumar and Sandhya Rao respectively. Very excited.

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