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Dinner table conversation.

I am telling a story, Meija is complaining that I am asking her to eat food. Chula is doing good.

[IN THE STORY]….. the carpenter was sad because he couldn’t find a wife. “No one wants to marry a carpenter” he said.

Chula: What about you amma?

Me: WHAT about me?

Chula: Do you like carpenters?

Me: To come on time and finish the work in the house, yes. But I am not looking to marry any one.

Chula: Because you have two naughty children and don’t want any more?

Me: No, because I already have a husband and don’t want any more.

Chula: (bursts laughing), then you will be one wife and two husbands.

Me: And who would want that torture?

Meija: Panchali, she had five husbands.

Chula: Meija. Panchali was an exception. Usually it is one man marrying many women. But usually women marry just one man.

Me: Eh?!

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