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As news of Vishawaroopam comes out, what I am hearing is, ‘Sad, but he deserves it no?’.

Translates to, “Kamal has been arrogant in the past, now he is humbled and humiliated.”

Just like one loosely comments, ‘She was raped? Well what did she do?’

Do we congratulate ourselves that we are impartial to men and women when it comes to victim blaming?
Must we be shocked at our spiraling speed towards intolerance?
Must we work on objectivity and empathy?
Must we be ashamed that we are so malleable that any one can pull us in to a political farce and manipulate us to their advantage?

Where does this victim blaming come from?

Does it come from India’s spiritual core that believes in Karma – one suffers by his own actions.

Is it our way of developing resilience?

Or is it our way of burying our head like an ostrich and say, ‘Even if I had done something this would have happened because of his karma. So I don’t have to do anything. This is not MY problem.’