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I haven’t moved much. It is not because I get too attached to a place, but it is just that I dread moving.

Moving is a very emotionally intriguing concept to me.

What makes that restless person move voluntarily? Is it the variety? Sense of adventure? Possibilities? Confidence?

What does a person forced to move feel like? Betrayed? Cheated? Sad? Depressed? Opportunities? Determination? Fighting spirit? Sense of moving on? Means to an end?

What makes animals move? What is their intrinsic motivation to do it? Is it hard coded in their gene?

See, it is all about feelings and behind the scenes information to me when it comes to moving.

If you are like me, even if it not like me, this year’s CROCUS brings you a literary treat in terms of ‘MIGRATION’. We have different books that talk about what defines a home, adventurers, explorers, animal migration, refugees, etc. Mark you calendars and join us on Oct 23rd.

Before the books come marching, there are two great posts by fellow ST-ians which are must read. Sandhya, (the lady can write and she) had me at the title, “Not all those who wander are lost…“. Satish serves an awesome slice of life in his post “Migration, Happiness and Other Anecdotes“.

Leaving you with the brilliant poster designed by our resident artist Lavanya…..