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We did family tree in our house today and it went like this…..

Child#1: Amma who is Amithab Bachan?

Me: He is an actor. He has acted in many Hindi movies.

Child#1: How do you spell his name?

Me: A.M.I.T.H.A.B  B.A.C.H.A.N

Child#1: I thought A.B.H.I.S.H.A.B    B.A.C.H.A.N because she(child#2) says something like that.

Child#2: No. I say A.B.H.I.S.H.E.K    B.A.C.H.A.N.

Me: Abishek Bachan is Amithab Bachan’s son. He acts in movies too.

Child#2: Noooooo. That is a boy in my bus. His name is Abhishek, but every one calls him Abhishek Bachan.

Me: Errrrrrr, that’s because they are likening him to the movie star Abhishek and probably teasing him.

<Child#1, Child#2: Still trying to figure out the joke in this>

Me: Ok, you will know this. Abishek Bachan is married to Aishawarya Rai. Amithab Bachan is Aishwarya’s father-in-law.

Child#1, Child#2: Oh! So the Bachans are some one famous then?!!!