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(Image credit: Goodreads)

Title: jinx

Author: Sage Blackwood

Age: 9+

Well…. this is a story of an orphaned boy, Jinx, adopted by a magician. Jinx has special powers that are quite unique and can’t be explained. For instance he can talk to trees. He can read minds.

The villain an evil magician who sucks people’s soul and bottles it up to increase his power. One fine day the benevolent magician performs magic ‘on’ the boy and bottles a part of him. The boy believes that his benefactor is evil and tries to retrieve what he has lost. A boy and girl join him on this journey.

The quest of a boy wonder, his friends – one girl, one boy. And the girl is quite intelligent. The other boy is uh…..meh. Jinx is an orphan. And the benevolent magician sends Jinx on a quest without giving him the complete information. At a point Jinx thinks he is dead but hovers in the in between space and chooses to live. Does any one see similarities?

Jinx -2, well, thanks, no thanks.