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By Alexander McCall Smith. Book#14 in the series: No1 Ladies Detective Agency

Age: 15+

(1)The book not just passes the Bechdel test, but excels in the test!

(2)It has the wise and loving Mma Ramotswe in it.

(3) All books in the #1 ladies detective agency make happy bubbles in your soul.

(4)As you read the book, idyllic images of people sitting on a front porch, under a brilliant blue sky, sipping tea and making pleasant conversation floats in your mind. And that is a image you would want to hold on to. And who knows? It might get you through some difficult days.

(5) Mma is the kind of person who says gently but with conviction, “Mechanics can cook. Ladies can fix cars. It’s different these days Rra. Men can do things. Women can do things. There is no more work that is reserved just for one sort of person. Not any more.”
(6)She is gentle on herself too. This is not to be confused with low self esteem or not believing in herself.

(7) And the wonderful Mr.J.L.B.Matekoni does not believe in stereotypes. He would say with conviction, ‘That’s nonsense, Charlie. Women drivers are more careful than men. Men wreck their cars more often than some do, I’m afraid.’

(8) When Mma makes a list of things that she is grateful to have in her life, it would include not just her immediate family and work, but would extend to her employees, their family and her country.

(9)She understands a mother never forgets a child she had lost.

(10)As you are reading, certain snippets of wisdom hits you, ‘She had forgiven him, yes, but she still did not like to remember. And perhaps a deliberate act of forgetting went along with forgiveness. You forgave, and then you said to yourself: Now I shall forget. Because if you did not forget, then your forgiveness will be tested, perhaps many times and in ways you could not resist, and you might go back to anger, and to hating.’

(11)You start highlighting and bookmarking sections and you finally you see that you have liked every other line!

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