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Its been a long time since I blogged anything about the children. This post is made possible by the baby turning my husband in to an old man by entering her double digits! May the child make him older and us happier every year!

She chose a monster theme birthday party because, ‘Amma, I am not a child anymore. I am grown up and ready for more scary things now.’ (Gulp!) May she not encounter anything like that. EVER.

She chose Evolution of Calpurnia Tate, a volley ball and two bottles of nail polish as her birthday gifts. May she be a reader for life and find happiness in simple things.

She asked for green slime drink, monster sandwiches, scary apple mouths, monstrous baked spaghetti and cheese. I could make only two the way she wanted. I made regular spaghetti with cheese sauce. I skipped the slime drink. She said, ‘Its okay Amma. Lets buy a mixed berry juice. It will look like blood. And the pasta is spot-on in taste. So thanks.’ May you always be blessed with the ability to let go of small disappointments and look at the bigger picture.

May the universe make all your positive thoughts come true and give you the wisdom to recognize this blessing, dear child.


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