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-You name your kitchen knives(Mine are Bread’sBane, SharpBastard and TheUnfit, just in case you are curious).

-You Google recipes for black bread and lemon cakes.

-You set up a snack of cheese, olives, bread fried in garlic butter and boiled eggs for your children.

-You develop an unhealthy appetite for all kinds of soup and you think about serving them SFO clam chowder style.

-You Google GOT TV series pictures to get inspiration for kurti designs.

-You read,
‘Irri and Jhiqui were waiting to brush the tangles from her hair and garb her as befit the Queen of Mereen in a Ghiscari tokar. The garment was a clumsy thing, a long loose shapeless sheet that had to be wound around her hips and under an arm and over a shoulder, its dangling fringes carefully layered and displayed. Wound too loose, it was like to fall off; wound too tight, it would tangle, trip and bind. Even wound properly, the token required its wearer to hold it in place with the left hand. Walking in a token demanded small, mincing steps and exquisite balance, lest one tread upon those heavy trailing fringes.’, and you wonder if GRRM is describing a saree and if you can post it for the #100sareepact on FB.

-You crave a long hot soak in a tub.

-You ask your children if they want to take horse riding lessons.

-You consider getting a dragon tattoo (and promptly drop the idea).