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It was one of our talk sessions in progress. It all started with Child#1 wanting to know why, when the whole world and its neighbor seems to have taken their off springs to Bahubali, I am being such a conservative mother and am refusing to go with the flow. I launched my standard answer  missiles touching upon many things that I believe in like age appropriateness, violent visuals affecting growing minds, over inflated romance creating unrealistic expectations etc.

Child#2 piped up and asked me, ‘Was Bahubali violent?’ for which I replied in the affirmative. Her next question was if the movie was ‘vicious’. I was mildly irritated at this point as my sermon was still in progress and the child was interrupting me. So I did my standard discouraging technique of answering a question with a question, and countered her with, ‘What did I just tell you?’. Her reply was, ‘You said the movie was violent. I want to know if it was vicious.’ Still eager to get on with my speech I answered, ‘Well what is the difference?’ and was about to go on.

At this point she stopped me and said, ‘There is a difference amma. If violent is here(pointing to one feet from the ground), viciousness is here(pointing to three feet from the ground). If you still don’t understand amma, violence is like a multiple of 3 and viciousness is like a multiple of 9. Just because something is a multiple of 3 it does not mean it is a multiple of 9. But if it is a multiple of 9, it is definitely a multiple of 3. I can swing my hands violently, it is not vicious. But if I act out viciously against some one, then I am violent towards that person. Got it?’

And, I was out sermon-ed, just like that! May be they are ready for Bahubali. May be I am the one who is not ready!